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Poster: Kenneth Udut Date: Feb 7, 2016 10:17pm
Forum: movies Subject: Re: Enough is ENOUGH - ! ? ! ? Atten Jeff Kaplan

I think I know what the issue might be:

You probably saw my videos by going to "This just in". But the "This just in" shows you EVERYTHING under movies.

The reason why Jeff issued me a separate collection is so that I would not take up room under "Community Videos".

Instead they're under "kennethudut".

So if you use: instead of the "This just in", you can avoid seeing other collections that people are uploading to.

Hope that helps! :) Again, sorry it inconvenienced your experience today.

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Poster: Jeff Kaplan Date: Feb 11, 2016 8:55am
Forum: movies Subject: Re: Enough is ENOUGH - ! ? ! ? Atten Jeff Kaplan

Kenneth Udut, please check your email at your account email address.

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Poster: Noah 8-? Date: Feb 12, 2016 9:58pm
Forum: movies Subject: Re: Enough is ENOUGH - ! ? ! ? Atten Jeff Kaplan


According to your own data one place says that there are over SIX THOUSAND uploads of only several seconds and another place sez that there are over SEVEN thousand uploads. . . . . . and MORE this afternoon.

Obviously this fellow is not interested in storing for posterity his finite collection but something else in mind.

He SAID that he was just uploading some collection that took him two YEARS to assemble - - - so now there's more?

If I were to attempt to experiment on the best way to not so much shut down but effectively block a MASSIVE site like - - - oh say, gee I dunno - - - - a government agency (?) what better way to rehearse than here?

SEVEN Thousand 6 second uploads of various parts of his face - - - and MASSIVE upload automations?

Sounds like a bit of concern is warranted here.

Bless you Jeff,

Noah 8-?

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Poster: Kenneth Udut Date: Feb 12, 2016 10:11pm
Forum: movies Subject: Re: Enough is ENOUGH - ! ? ! ? Atten Jeff Kaplan

I'm not attempting to block anything, Noah. Here's something for your imagination other than conspiracy:

Imagine a guy goes into a public library, carrying armfuls of index cards. He pulls two tables together and begins spreading them out and starts stacking them up, putting rubber bands and binder clips around them.

He starts hogging up the copy machine. The librarians are, at first patient.

But as the copy machine runs low on toner, the library staff takes him aside, asks him to be respectful of the other patrons and not hog up the tables or the copy machine and to slow down a little.

That's me.

Jeff showed me how I could make my submissions a lower priority so they wouldn't get in the way of other patrons uploads.

He also gave some suggestions for organizing them into single pages with multiple files. As organization is the issue I'm hoping the IA can help me out with, I'm not ready for that stage yet but that will be my next stage: sorting and organizing with multiple videos on single pages and then removing the excess individual pages once they are moved.

I'm not trying to shut down the IA. I'm not trying to make your experience here painful, Noah.

I'm definitely not a government agency. Look my name up. I'm all over the web, doing whatever I do.

I've lowered the priority of my submissions so that I won't overtax IA's servers, and slowed down my upload process.

I have more to go, but I'll be done before you know it and again, I'm sorry it is inconveniencing you, Noah. This is not my intent and I'm doing the best I can to balance things out and be respectful. I'm grateful for the unique opportunity here, which is not available anywhere else that I've seen and I appreciate having the space to accomplish organization of something that has been very difficult for me without having to worry about the IA eventually shutting down or going away as commercial sites so often do.

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Poster: polekat Date: Feb 12, 2016 10:37pm
Forum: movies Subject: Re: Enough is ENOUGH - ! ? ! ? Atten Jeff Kaplan

This really does appear to be some kind of pitiful search for attention. What can we learn from this?

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Poster: Kenneth Udut Date: Feb 12, 2016 11:00pm
Forum: movies Subject: Re: Enough is ENOUGH - ! ? ! ? Atten Jeff Kaplan

Am I an attention seeking narcissist? It's possible, polekat. I had a little psychology in college but not enough to make a psychological determination of that and I'm sure I'd have some cognitive bias in the matter and I'd likely say I don't. But again, I'd be biased.

Noah, you don't have to believe me. If you think I'm declaring war on you, I can't help that. I pick this time of day (2:15am my time) because I'm hoping it's a time of day that will least impact the servers and the people using the service.

I really am trying to be a good boy scout here in this project.

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Poster: PDpolice Date: Feb 13, 2016 3:41am
Forum: movies Subject: Re: Enough is DOUGH - /<^>\

I consider these mass postings and the responses from Community members and the Archives administrators to be one of the most exciting things to happen here recently. I have no interest in the actual content of these or most other files uploaded here. But I am interested in the method of mass uploading used.
Kenneth, if you would create a description of your automatic uploading process it would be very helpful.
Please feel free to imagine any reason for that request. It may be the total destruction of the multiverse or the immediate enlightenment of the all beings with the ability to perceive their surroundings no matter what form their energy is in a present. I have not decided.
I do like sprinkles on my ice cream.

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Poster: Kenneth Udut Date: Feb 13, 2016 9:22am
Forum: movies Subject: Re: Enough is DOUGH - /<^>\

My process? Microsoft Excel. Notepad++. CMD. Filezilla. Waterfox. youtube-dl [to capture them from the Vine service], probably a few other tools.

I create the XML metas in Excel, but since Excel (I have ancient Excel 2000 - yes, 2000) doesn't allow me to have separate lines per row, I use the ^ to signify CR/LF then use a nifty program called SNR (or FNR?) for Search/Find and Replace - that lets me change all of the XMLs to their proper form at once. I used to use one called BK Replacem, but that stopped working around WinXP. I love this because I can correct massive mistakes in thousands of XML files already created in subdirectories: for example, I keep carrying over a persistent error where I use the label: "medatype" instead of "mediatype". and my eyes miss it every time, so I have to make a massive correction on my computer all at once for them.

The dirs + XML files that I will be transferring over, I create using a little VBA (Visual Basic) code that does the work for me. I also make various batch files to move and rename files en masse. Not powershell. Just BAT, created by dir /b > z.txt, open in notepad, open in excel, add the activity (like move or whatever I need), back to notepad, save as a batch file, go to cmd and run it. Seems to be the best process for me.

I create the submission URLs in Excel (and now the Edit URLs because I need to edit a handful of them and I hate unnecessary clicking through screens and would rather go straight to the item editor, which I can do now through Excel easily)

I use an extension on my Waterfox/Firefox browser called, "Open Multiple Locations". I set them to 10 seconds apart, which is a very long length of time for computers but I want to be completely respectful of not overwhelming the IA processes. I set the priority to -6. I found my browser can handle 250 in a row without throwing up all over my poor little laptop here.

I won't be needing to upload too many more: I'm nearly finished with this part of the process (I haven't tallied how many I have left yet, but I know I'm nearly done with this part). It's mostly catching stragglers, mistakes I made in preparing the files that caused them to fail and getting the videos I'm missing and giving them proper markup.

Once this is complete, I'll be working with my little library here, working with the files and the metadata and sorting it all out.

Sorry it's not a step-by-step process, PDPolice but *I'm* just figuring out the process as I go along as best I can.

Certain things I do the way I do them anyway: I'm an excel guy and I'm used to working with 50 to 100,000 files at once. I'd work with millions but neither my ancient laptop nor is any of my software powerful enough for that 'cause at that level I'd have to go to : DATABASES. I hate working with database schemas. They suck. So limited. So fixed. I know things are better now: JSON is supposed to make the world a better place and all that... but I'm still of the CSV mindset and I like my rows + columns and the ability to see "everything at once" rather than hidden.

I'm looking forward to sparse distributed representations of concepts being easier and easier to manage on computers.

I work with what I can though. I need the flexibility because when your data defines your eventual schema, and uncertainty rules the whole process, all you can do is stick to basic stuff like spatiotemperal database representations and things like identifiers and keywords, and hope that the data itself will shape the final result.

Anyway, I'm babbling. I need coffee. Short of is, I use whatever tools I have at hand to accomplish tasks. They might not be the best tools but they work. I had to create a several billion item MS Access 2000 database to crosslink a public domain thesaurus to make a crosslinked thesaurus whose purpose I *still* don't know yet [but I did it anyway], amazon'd it, put it up here on IA too - my own pirate - and, yeah, maybe I'd better get that coffee.

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Poster: PDpolice Date: Feb 13, 2016 3:26pm
Forum: movies Subject: Re: Enough is DOUGH - //^\\

Thanks, this is within my skill-set, although I was hoping for a 'point at the directory and we'll do the rest' program that I was unaware of.

One of the 'improvements to this file storage web site should have been an automatic notification to the up-loaders that they have passed 50 uploads and can send directly to their newly created collection.

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Poster: Kenneth Udut Date: Feb 13, 2016 6:50pm
Forum: movies Subject: Re: Enough is DOUGH - //^\\

Yeah, nothing quite so automated yet it seems. I was thinking a Windows (or other) client wouldn't be hard to construct as the system they have so far is quite logical and well thought out.

I have my own personal "dashboard" for my own files coming together as I finish up this part of the process. Its just links to the edit xml part of the site but it's enough. The use of single identifiers for the directories, meta + files xmls is simple and marvelous. It should be possible to put the cgi parameters in the links so that I can speed-edit in Excel when I need to make large changes to xml and then have them scheduled to make the changes at a slower rate, staggered.

I'll be glad when the uploading part of the process is done. Archival was goal #1. The longer part of the process will be organization, something I tried doing locally and utilizing other tools but without the ability to work with "all of them at once" it's been hard to do. [my poor laptop can do only so much]

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Poster: Noah 8-? Date: Feb 14, 2016 2:36am
Forum: movies Subject: Re: Enough is Enough ! ! ! Attention Jeff Kaplan

Another THOUSAND uploads in a single evening?

A THOUSAND ? ! ? !

Of what?

6 second flashes?

I wonder if this guy is associated with Lockheed's HR?

Noah 8-?

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Poster: Arkiver Date: Feb 14, 2016 5:04am
Forum: movies Subject: Re: Enough is DOUGH - //^\\

Have you thought about using internetarchive for Python?

You can loop over the files in a folder and upload them using internetarchive. It looks like you have the same keywords for every item and the same description as title, so the metadata part should be handled easy too.

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Poster: PDpolice Date: Feb 14, 2016 7:31am
Forum: movies Subject: Re: Enough is Cookie DOUGH -

Thanks, that looks promising.
As I am a troll, do you know of any program that could automatically respond to posting whose viewpoint I dislike and call them a negative slang term for whatever opinion they are currently espousing?
As a bonus feature it would also insert some rambling, paranoid or incoherent comment based on keywords in the original posting.
Properly written it would also be useful for people running for political office. And it might make a tasty cookie.

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Poster: Arkiver Date: Feb 14, 2016 7:47am
Forum: movies Subject: Re: Enough is Cookie DOUGH -

No. Why do you want to just troll people on the IA forums?
Constructive conversations can be a lot more effective.

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Poster: jimmylowery16 Date: Feb 17, 2016 7:35pm
Forum: movies Subject: Permission to use Arkiver Footage


I would like to seek permission to use a small part of "tweakers / 524 / NIT-robot" in a short non-profit archive remix project that I am working on for my New Media Art college course. This clip would help my project out tremendously.

Any reply would be greatly appreciated.
Thank you.

Jimmy Lowery

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Poster: PDpolice Date: Feb 14, 2016 2:49pm
Forum: movies Subject: Re: Enough is Cookie DOUGH /./-\.\

Trolling video up-loaders who argue about their purity and knowledge of copyright laws while they steal from others by ripping DVDs is almost a public service. But I would prefer to have it done automatically so I can resume my lurking on another site.
And I have to finish up an inverse dimensional fabrication process which precludes formulating any rational statements for postings. I'm taking a break now and am hypersensitive to noises that may indicate uncontrolled process heat in the construction area. You try placing the cellular transports inside an AL strut housing while keeping the Acrylic micro-engraved interference shield from melting and see how the question "Why don't you smile more" goes. But thanks for the link.

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Poster: PDpolice Date: Feb 14, 2016 3:41pm
Forum: movies Subject: Re: Enough is Cookie DOUGH /./-\.\

Yup, crisped again just like I figured. Here's the view through port three. Got any software that reduces the heat when things get shaky?

Attachment: port3pic021416_.jpg

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Poster: Kenneth Udut Date: Feb 14, 2016 10:00am
Forum: movies Subject: Re: Enough is DOUGH - //^\\

I'm going to look more into the wrapper, although I'm _almost_ done with this part of the project.

The keywords are actually distinct: I extracted the keywords from the hashtags I used to make the original posts on Vine (see for them in context) after downloading them with youtube-dl, which nicely used the description as the actual filename, including the hashtags, which saved me quite a lot of time.

Still, turning hashtags into subjects was surprisingly challenging - but that's because I'm using basic tools like Excel2k and Notepad++ for most of the text manipulation. [I automated some things with a little VBA code, like creating the directories and XML files]

I've only hacked around a little in Python, usually just enough to change some code I wanted different for a project, and I did a few fun things with a plugin for Minecraft that could read Python code and made it do a few things for me.

Still, if the solutions I'm putting together using my famliar old-school tools (keyword management and such) turns out to be too much for them, or if I can find some benefit with utilizing Python, I'll definitely make use of it.

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Poster: Kenneth Udut Date: Feb 14, 2016 10:26am
Forum: movies Subject: Re: Enough is DOUGH - //^\\

Part of my search (and Jeff was nice enough to point me to this page for help in this:;field=subject ) - is identifying the Hapax Legomenon that might be significant.

But first, they need to be collected and keywords processed.

Then the upper/lowercase ones normalized so that thing like Science and science and ScIeNcE show up in the same place.

Then getting rid of the mistakes I made.

From there, I want to discover themes that go beyond the hashtags extracted. There's no really good 'automatic categorization" tools that I've found yet that can work with short texts or small amounts of keywords to find out overall themes. Our AI capabilities are still primitive to where they'll be eventually.

I got _some_ help from - it helped me identify some themes (not of the Vines but of other writings - I threw 9000+ posts I made through the years through it and it spit out likely themes which were very helpful.

But still, not quite there yet.

I don't know what my end goal is. I somewhat envy people with definite purpose and intent in mind like Noah. I'm just floundering along from one project to another, hoping to discern the "who am I?" question as best I can.

Maybe there's a book in me. Maybe not. I don't know. But I _do_ know I have lots of raw data that can be processed in different ways, seen from different views and _maybe_... just maybe, if I can identify hidden patterns and start pulling things together (like these videos) into proper accurate categories beyond vague large categories like Science or Psychology or Motivation... *maybe* some intent and purpose can be driven by the data.

And then, perhaps I'll have something mind-blowingly awesome to contribute that even Noah would approve of.

Or maybe not. But I'm grateful that IA is supportive of my unorthodox process and willing to put up with my "baby steps" here.

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Poster: Kenneth Udut Date: Feb 15, 2016 7:56pm
Forum: movies Subject: CURL ended up working great for me.

I found a nice 64-bit Windows Curl that's been working great for me.

For example, to add a missing keyword, I do something like this n Excel, where identifier is the ID for the item in column A:

identifier | curl --data-urlencode -target=metadata | --data-urlencode -patch=^{\^add\^:\^/subject/1\^, \^value\^:\^KennethUdut\^}^ | --data-urlencode access=mysecretaccess | --data-urlencode secret=mysecretsecret | ="" & A1

Then I copy it into Notepad++ and replace the ^ with "

Then save it as a batch file and run it.

Works perfectly.

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Poster: PDpolice Date: Feb 16, 2016 1:54am
Forum: movies Subject: Re: CURL ended up working great for me.

Thanks but that's outside the available training time for me. And what I currently need is a method of reducing the microspill from the outer barrier field.

Here is how bad that is in a short moving image. I broke through the top crust to show the interior desulmation. Would have imaged longer but it is still hot.

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Poster: Noah 8-? Date: Feb 14, 2016 3:54am
Forum: movies Subject: Re: Enough is Enough ! ! ! Attention Jeff Kaplan

Automation generated files and MASSIVE upload automation

It looks like Kenneth Udut has found out how to automatically generate the text that accompanies his few second offerings.

Then he uses some sort of mass upload scheme to slam IA - - - -and now it seems like every night. If he hasn’t already accomplished it yet, there will be his effluency will overwhelming flood the incoming contributions all of the time. This morning there were 6,400 listings for Kenneth Udut. Now just 7 hours later, there are 7,500 listings. . . . .

This situation is hardly some mere collection years in the making and stored here - - - - this is a mess that he is generating - - - - NOW. This is a deliberate attempt to make IA useless to the rest of the world.

TotalBiscuit, The Cynical Brit has his (what ?) 2 or three thousand but together and a few more copycats and this will no longer be YOUR site - - - if it’s not already.

It’s been one thing to catch the Trojans and harmful cyber-mines but these floods of worthless files cannot be in keeping with the concept of preservation for posterity either.

This 50 upload limit might be a great place to start.

The destructive flood of Kenneth Udut

10,000 uploads?

A thousand + and now more daily? Yesterday it was 6,400. Last night it was 7,500. This morning it is 9,984.

This is no collection. This is experimental slamming.

Do you suppose Homeland Security of the FBI might be interested in this “author”?

It certainly isn’t good for iA.

Can’t something be done about these abusers?

Noah 8-?

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Poster: Noah 8-? Date: Feb 12, 2016 10:53pm
Forum: movies Subject: Re: Enough is ENOUGH - ! ? ! ? Atten Jeff Kaplan

ah . . . . . never tell the truth to someone not a member of your club?

Hurt a non-member however you can?

This doesn't look like any narcissism I ever heard of. Attention getters/seekers usually try to attract positive attention rather than a deluge of - - - - whatever those few second offerings might be.

Opinion? not so nice.

Oh yeah, there are continuous offerings/uploads as we speak/type.

Noah 8-?

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Poster: Noah 8-? Date: Feb 12, 2016 10:27pm
Forum: movies Subject: Re: Enough is ENOUGH - ! ? ! ? Atten Jeff Kaplan

You wanna save your "collection" - - - - Disk it !

Other users STILL haveta go on and on and on (ad nausum) past all your "contribution' to see what else is here.

Jeff has a heart o' gold to allow the IA to be abused like this.

There are folks that have the ethic to be wonderful and truthful and good scouts to all humanity BUT if you aren't a member of their "club" - - - all bets are off. These folk have declared WAR on all "inhumanity".

And of course, one of the 1st tenants of that dogma is that truth is not wasted on the members of "inhumanity".

I believe what I see - - not so much what you might say.

Noah 8-?